In 2016 we created the logo of our Hotel’s Corporate Social Responsibility, with the term which caracterises us ETHOS (ΗΘΟΣ), which is now officialy regulated. Our logo “ETHOS: Caring-Supporting-Realising” highlights our commitment and the integration of our social and environmental goals into our business. In the framework of this initiative, we are implementing our social activites, we commit ourselves towards society and stakeholders for the improvement of our services, we aim to increase our productivity and performance by achieving social and environmental goals, we cooperate with local producers to promote local products, we certify the compliance of the supply chain with international principles and we integrate into our policy the international principles of CSR and sustainability.

Acting in an Ethical Workplace means that:

  • We care for the sustainability of the society and the environment (CARING)
  • We support the development (SUPPORTING)
  • We achieve our goals for sustainable development (REALIZING)