Food Safety Policy

The N.J.V Athens Plaza recognizes its duty in the management of the safety and hygienic provision of food in the Hotel, in order to ensure the good health of both our guests and employees.

The objectives of this policy are to:

- ensure that all food is produced, stored and handled in accordance with relevant legislative requirements;
- ensure that all risks associated with food provision are reduced to a tolerable level;
- ensure that all food handlers have the necessary competence to undertake their duties in accordance with the requirements of this policy.

The company has adopted the following points for our commitment to offering safe and hygienic food to our customers:

- Adhere to HACCP manual procedures according to ISO 22000 standard
- Compliance with all HACCP work procedures
- Continuous training in hygiene and safety procedures to all employees.
- Continuous verification of proper HACCP operational status
- Close monitoring of critical points and operational prerequisite programs.
- Provide resources for the maintenance and the updating of the HACCP system, the purchase of new, modern equipment, the improvement of facilities and infrastructure as well as the work environment
- Maintain the communication which has already been established with suppliers, customers, statutory and regulatory authorities
- Continuous monitoring and implementation of hygiene legislation
- Promoting the felt commitment to food safety
- At the same time, measurable targets have been set for the safety of our products, which are constantly monitored for their achievement.

All the above ensure the successful implementation of our goals and contribute significantly to the sustainability and development of the N.J.V. ATHENS PLAZA.

General Manager

Vasiliki Anna Lazarakou