Internal Environment / Human Resources

The main objective governing the operation of the NJV Athens Plaza is the respect in our human resources. Socially responsible practices ensure employee satisfaction, health and safety, education, evaluation, equal treatment and active involvement of all our employees and their families in Corporate Social Responsibility issues.

Health and safety

Training of our personnel on health and safety issues

First Aid Education

Group health insurance contract, complementary to compulsory insurance, which, apart from the employee, covers spouses and children of the same
Maternity benefits during pregnancy and parental leave

Continuous training

We continuously train our staff in line with customer needs and on the job development of our Human Resources know-how. Our Hotel implements training programs for its staff both in the subject of CSR, so as to integrate the concept of business responsibility into all its Departments as well as in the Sustainable Tourism, which is confirmed by the certification received from the international EarthCheck Evaluate Plus standard.
In addition, we provide our employees with free English, Italian and Spanish lessons.

Reward "The Employee of the Month" and "Τhe Employee of the Year"

Every month and every year, we reward the effort and the consistency of our employees through our policy "Employee of the Month" and "Employee of the Year".

Voluntary Blood Donation - Blood Bank for our Employees and their Families
All employees, whether blood donors or not, and also the members of their families in serious health situations, may have access.