Health & Safety

Health and Safety

The uniqueness of the country's dynamic tourism industry requires a careful approach to health and safety issues in the day-to-day running.
To guarantee the health and safety of its human resources, guests, and stakeholders, the NJV Athens Plaza has implemented a number of policies and procedures. This is particularly crucial for the hotel's proper operation and long-term development.
The result has been proven by the ISO 45001 Health and Safety at Workplace accreditation that the Hotel obtained after implementing a series of preventative and protective measures designed to ensure employees' wellbeing and prevent or minimize their exposure to any risks.
The hotel regularly engages in internal workplace training for its staff members given by qualified trainers.

Food Services

The hotel is certified with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), the internationally recognized method of identifying and managing risk related to food safety.

Air conditioning and ventilation of premises

Due to the continuous, uninterrupted operation of the hotel's utilities and air-conditioned areas, there is not any health risk.

Central Air Conditioning Units

In all public areas of the hotel, ventilation systems provide fresh air. There is no recirculation in any space, which means that the intake air is not contaminated by the exhaust air.

• New technology Central Air Conditioning Unit
• Systematic maintenance and chemical cleaning of the Unit
• Continuous filter cleaning
• Ventilation fans have been replaced with new technologies


• New fan coil technology in the rooms
• Each room has an independent ventilation system.
• Ventilation systems provide fresh air
• Regular maintenance and chemical cleaning of the filters

Legionella control

• Hot water is retained at a minimum temperature of 60oC and cold water at a maximum temperature of 20oC.
• Empty the water outlets such as showers, baths, and sinks by running the taps in a regular basis.
• Water outlets are regularly cleaned, descaled, and disinfected.
• Continuous control of legionella risk to ensure essential precautions are taken and to identify potential areas to improve.
• Legionella testing on a regular basis


The NJV Athens Plaza offers the legendary Greek hospitality to all its Guests in Athens, along with the highest standards of hygiene and safety, while maintaining a highly developed sense of responsibility, duty, and professionalism.
To take action and handle possible cases of Covid-19, the hotel has set up an action plan and distinctive procedures for each area of the hotel's operations.
Employees are provided with instruction on hygienic procedures as well as sanitizing and cleaning techniques to prevent the spread of the virus.
In case of emergency, a medical pack containing gloves and masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, and a laser thermometer, is available.
Common areas, and high frequency "touch points" are frequently disinfected daily.
Hand sanitizers are available in all public areas.
Daily cleaning and change of sheets, pillows cases and towels only upon guest request.
Textile surfaces (e.g. furniture upholstery) are cleaned at a temperature > 70°.

For any additional information you may require, please contact us at: [email protected] or by phone: (+30) 210 3352400