For 2018, NJV Athens Plaza has been the most highly rated developed City Hotel in Athens related to sustainability. In order to support this statement, we conclude the followings:

  • A new Environmental Policy has been established and set in place, putting in action all the necessary forces inside the Hotel towards the Sustainable Tourism Targets.
  • NJV Athens Plaza became member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the 1st Hotel in Europe, proving by this way the commitment in the Sustainable Tourism.
  • NJV Athens Plaza became the 1st Hotel in Greece that achieved the certification EARTHCHECK EVALUATE PLUS by EARTHCHECK.
  • Extensive Training of Hotel personnel on Hotel achievements, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Certifications, Group Targets, recycling, chemicals use, energy and water conservation, ethics, etc.
  • A Green Team was created, by top positions in the Hotel in order to define the Sustainability Strategy, the action planning and the evaluation of all these issues.