Sustainable and responsible behavior is a priority

At NJV ATHENS PLAZA, sustainable and responsible behavior is a priority! We are committed to continuing the three-pronged approach of environmental and social responsibility that we have carved out in recent years.

Based on our values (Responsibility, Business ethics, Human rights, Care, Quality, Contribution to society, Respect for the environment, Promotion of culture), we achieve our goals, following the approach of sustainable tourism in our operation:

- Creating economic, social and environmental value through a sustainable approach
- Continuous improvement of our services, adapting customer satisfaction to their changing needs
- Efficiency, through the application of specific procedures and good practices

By supporting innovative methods to do more with less, we aim to advance sustainability efforts and build resilience so we can continue to positively impact the communities in which we operate.
Through the synergy with the interested parties, we actively work for the conscious management of environmental resources as a collective resource, the utilization of human resources and participation in the development of the local community in which the hotel is located.

At the same time, we aim to reduce the environmental impact and risks for our hotel, focusing on projects to improve energy efficiency, the creation of energy management systems in all areas of the business, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of the facility and the observance of sustainability certificates.