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NJV Athens Plaza Lobby


The NJV Athens Plaza first opened its doors in 1980 and was initially known as the Le NJV Meridien, following a cooperation with the Le Méridien, a French upscale, design-focused hotel brand. In 1998, an agreement was reached with Grecotel and the hotel was renamed Grecotel NJV Athens Plaza.  In 2009 the hotel began to operate independently as the NJV Athens Plaza. Since its inception, in 1980, until today, it remains in the ownership environment of the Vardinoyannis Group.

Women NJV Athens Plaza

A warm welcome from the General Manager

Welcome to the NJV Athens Plaza.
Our Hotel represents the spirit of genuine friendliness and hospitality.
At the NJV Athens Plaza, we are dedicated to live up to the best traditions of good inn keeping.
Whether you are here on business or pleasure, our aim is to make our hotel your favorite place to stay in Athens; your Athenian home

Yours Sincerely,

Vana Lazarakou
General Manager

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