Наш отель поставляет десерты в общежития Ассоциации друзей детей с онкологическими заболеваниями «ELPIDA».
  • We supported the activity of the NGO "BOROUME" (WE CAN) by offering 1350 daily meals to families in financial difficulties and to institutions in Athens.
  • NJV Athens Plaza on World Youth Skills Day, honored young people by announcing its collaboration with the nonprofit organization “JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT GREECE”, the leading institution of student and youth entrepreneurship in Greece. Our goal is to strengthen and support the educational activities of the “JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT GREECE” in various ways and to promote the innovative thinking, entrepreneurship and practical application of basic concepts, in a creative and experiential manner for the students.
  • A very important initiative undertaken by our Hotel in the year 2019 is "DON ACTION", where the clothes of guests and employees, that they no longer need, are collected in special boxes located on all floors of the Hotel. The clothes are offered to NGOs. “FABRIC REPUBLIC”, an innovative and integrated clothing management system that distributes them to people in need.
  • We supported the work of the “ARK OF THE WORLD”. During the Christmas party for the children of our employees, we welcomed children and their companions from the “ARK OF THE WORLD”.
  • We offered medicines for children to the Hospitality Center for Refugees of the “DOCTORS OF THE WORLD”. With the occasion of Women’s Day in March 8th, we collected sanitary napkins for the women of the Hospitality Center for Refugees of the “DOCTORS OF THE WORLD”.
  • We supported the cause of "The Good Ride Athens", by offering our hospitality and a series of services along with breakfast to the children of “ORAMA ELPIDAS”, their parents and to the "Porche Club Hellas" car pilots, just before the opening of the event. More than 50 Porsche car owners and other luxury cars & motorcycles, created a large convoy to entertain the children of the ELPIDA Association and their families. In collaboration with the NGO “HOPEgenesis” and Athens-Attica and Argosaronic Hotels Association, NJV Athens Plaza offered 2day free accommodation to a pregnant woman and her husband, from Fournoi, an isolated island in the Aegean Sea.
  • With the NGO “MAKE A WISH”, the wish of a little boy was fulfilled by celebrating his birthday in our Hotel together with his STAR WARS friends. NJV Athens Plaza offered 2-day accommodation for the boy and his parents, where he celebrated his birthday. We also offered to another little boy generous discount in Hotel accommodation, who visited Athens so as to fulfill his wish.
  • We collected clothing and food for NGOs, homeless and the elderly.
  • We distributed 8250 portions of food to Foundations and NGOs.
  • We continued our assistance on three poverty stricken families of 4 persons and we covered their needs for food on a daily basis.
  • We provided donations and charities, such as meals and in-house events to NGOs.
  • We collected plastic caps for the National Accident Prevention Association "LOVE LIFE" to provide wheelchairs for the disabled.
ON EASTER We supplied a Social Grocery of Athens with 1015 beneficiaries in need, by evaporated milk, rice, pasta and oil. ON SUMMER We supported the summer event of the Greek Children's Museum, a non-profit association of public benefit with the aim to help children to develop all their potential to become citizens with respect for their individuality, social awareness and the sense to contribute to the community they live in. AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR
  • We provided a public Kindergarden with a projector.
  • We supported the needs of children hosted at the “SOS Children and Family Support Center” of Athens in school bags and pencil cases.
  • We offered to the International Organization “DOCTORS OF THE WORLD” school supplies for unaccompanied minors refugees.
  • We sponsored the American College of Greece, for the continuation of the studies of 16 refugees.
  • At the Christmas celebration with our associates, we collected 190 wishes and each one of them was "transformed" into a Christmas present for the children of the flood victims of Mantras, Attica.
  • We offered 350 bracelets - charms of “SOS Children's Villages”.
  • At the Christmas party for the children of our Hotel employees, we celebrated Christmas together with children from “SOS Children's Villages”.
  • Together with the Institution “DOCTORS OF THE WORLD”, we adorned the Christmas tree in front of the Athens University by pasteurized milk.