1. Use of the website and services 


1.1 The Company HOTELS AND TOURISM COMPANIES VARNIKOS S.A. (hereinafter 'NJV Athens Plaza') provides through its website (hereinafter the 'Website') specific information and services (hereinafter the 'Services'). Any provision and use of the Website and the Services by any visitor/user (hereinafter the 'User') is governed by the following Terms and Conditions of data protection policy.

1.2 NJV Athens Plaza follows a special procedure in order to safeguard the protection of the personal data that the user knowingly and voluntarily submits through the Website and knowingly and voluntarily discloses to NJV Athens Plaza (hereinafter the 'Personal Data') and sets the following Terms and Conditions of data protection policy. NJV Athens Plaza has taken all necessary measures for technical security and organization of processing of Users' personal data and declares that it retains the Users' personal data for reasonable time period. 

2. Processing and legal framework

2.1 Processing of personal data shall mean any action related to the collection, submission, organization, preservation or storage, alteration, retrieval, use, alignment or combination, interconnection, blocking (locking), erasure or destruction of personal data (hereinafter referred to as a whole as "processing").

2.2 For the processing of the User's Personal Data submitted through the Website and disclosed to NJV Athens Plaza, NJV Athens Plaza acts as the Processing Controller and the processing takes place according to the relevant Greek legislation and more specifically according to the provisions of Law 2472/1997, as amended and in force. NJV Athens Plaza declares that it fully complies with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 and that it has proceeded with the necessary notifications before the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

2.3 The Terms and Conditions of the present data protection policy are governed by the provisions of Law 2472/1997, as amended and in force.

3. User's consent

3.1 The User of the Website and the Services has to carefully read the following Terms and Conditions of data protection policy before visiting our Website or using our Services, and in case of disagreement, he must refrain from any use.

3.2 Any use of the Website and the Services by the User implies his explicit and unreserved acceptance of the Terms and Conditions relating to data protection policy and the grant of his consent as regards the processing of his Personal Data.

3.3 By accepting the Terms and Conditions of data protection policy and by voluntarily providing the necessary Personal Data, the User provides his consent, explicitly agrees and unreservedly accepts the processing of personal data which takes place according to the present agreement.

4. The purpose of processing

4.1 The processing of the Personal Data takes place for legitimate purposes which are related to the provision of Services selected by the User, as described in the Website.

4.2 The User explicitly declares and accepts that the Personal Data that he submits and discloses to NJV Athens Plaza and which are collected and processed by the latter, are relevant, appropriate and not more than those required for the aforementioned purposes of the processing.

5. The right to be informed, have access and object

5.1 The User has the rights provided in articles 11, 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997, as amended and in force.

5.2 More specifically, the User reserves the right to get informed as regards the processing, have access to the Personal Data related to him and which have already been processed or will be processed in the future, as well as to submit any objection with regard to personal data processing, according to articles 11, 12 and 13 of Law 2472/1997, as amended and in force. With regard to the objections, more specifically, the User is entitled to request the correction, the temporary non-usage, the blockage, the non-transmission or even the deletion of his personal data.

5.3 The exercise of the rights that the User has pursuant to the aforementioned provisions requires his contact with NJV Athens Plaza, as provided in term 8 of the present agreement as well as the notification of NJV Athens Plaza In writing as regards the User's claims.

6. Amendment of the terms and conditions of data protection policy

NJV Athens Plaza may at any time amend the Terms and Conditions of data protection policy, and the User has to review any possible amendments. In case he continues to use the Website and the Services it is presumed that he accepts the amended Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, he has to refrain from any use of the Website and the Services.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present Terms and Conditions and any dispute or claim arising out or related to them are governed and are interpreted in accordance with the Greek Law. Athens Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction as regards any dispute or claim arising out of the present Terms and Conditions.

8. Contact us

For further information and inquiries as regards the above Terms and Conditions or for the exercise of any legal right with regard to the personal data processing, the User shall contact NJV Athens Plaza by phone at 210 33 52 400.

9. Translation

The present text is a translation of the Greek original text. In case of any inconsistency between the two texts, the Greek one shall prevail.

10. Cookie Policy

10.1 The purpose of this document is to establish the cookie policy of websites pertaining to NJV Athens Plaza Hotel, with registered office at 2, Vas. Georgiou Athens, Greece and Tax ID Code: 0984008697. The terms “You” and “User” are employed here to refer to individuals and / or companies that access for any reason NJV Athens Plaza website or use their services. Use of these services implies the user’s full, unconditional acceptance of this cookie policy.

10.2 NJV Athens Plaza may gather information through files such as cookies or log files on the browsing habits of users on its websites. These devices are associated exclusively with one user and his or her own access device. Cookies are files by the website and stored on the user's browser through a web server for the maintenance of the browsing session by storing the IP address of the user (of his or her computer) and other possible browsing data. NJV Athens Plaza also uses "beacons", electronic images that allow a website to count the number of visitors and users that have entered a particular website as well as to access certain cookies. Thanks to cookies, NJV Athens Plaza server is able to recognize the browser of the computer being used by the user in order to simplify browsing. It is also able to measure audience and traffic parameters and to control the progress and number of entries by using the information contained in the cookies independent of any other user data of a personal nature.

10.3 NJV Athens Plaza uses web analytics cookies to measure and analyze user browsing on the Websites. Analytics cookies permit the person in charge of them to monitor and analyze the behavior of users on the websites to which they are linked. NJV Athens Plaza uses the data obtained to implement improvements based on analysis of the usage data. Web analysis does not allow information about the name, surname(s), email address or mailing address of the user to be obtained. The information obtained is relative to the number of users that access the website, the number of pages seen, the frequency and repetition of the visits, their duration, the browser used, the operator providing the service, the language, the device used or the city to which the IP is assigned.

10.4 NJV Athens Plaza uses behavioral advertising cookies for the management of publicity spaces based on specific criteria and plugin cookies for the exchange social content. Behavioral advertising bookies permit the management of advertising spaces that website editor has included on the website in the most effective way possible. These cookies store information on user behavior obtained through ongoing observation of users’ browsing habits, which enables us to show advertising depending on the user.

10.5 To revoke consent, the user can deactivate cookies by modifying the configuration of his or her browser. In the page shown below, the user can find more information about which cookies he or she has installed, how to permit their installation, how to block them or how to remove them from their device. Depending on the browser being used, the user can consult the following link: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/cookies-information-websites-store-on-your-computer

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