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Welcoming spring at the Explorer’s by presenting the fabulous painting exhibition of the American painter artist L.C. Armstrong, curated by Irene Vantaraki, supported by Move art and the courtesy of Marlborough Gallery N.Y.

The exhibition will run throughout April, May and June ’18, at the Explorer’s, on the mezzanine floor of the Hotel.

Operating Days & Hours
Weekdays: 11:00 – 19:00
Saturday: closed, Sunday: closed
L. C. Armstrong

“My paintings are hypnotic re-presentations of the world as I choose to see it; lit by the light of long ago, by the original light of the sun, or the moon. The flowers seem backlit, or lit from within. The artists I admire all use light for spiritual effect. When painted and observed, light is transformed into a tangible object with spiritual properties. The light of the halo, the light of Vermeer, of de La Tour, the light of Van Gogh, the light of O’Keeffe. The German Romantic painters, especially Caspar David Friedrich found the spiritual in nature. This was also the guiding light for the 19th c. American Hudson River School painters and the Luminists. The light shone through John Ford’s Westerns (riding off into the sunset), Rothko, and the Californian neon and light artists, Irwin, Sonnier, Nauman, Flavin, Turell. Under this light, a stage is set for the dream to commence.  A dream of the return to Eden.”

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