The NJV Athens Plaza: Company information

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At the NJVAthensPlaza, our commitment is to continuously acknowledge, through our business ethics and social diligence, Corporate Social Responsibility in accordance with the principles of sustainability for the society and the environment.


For us, sustainability means achieving financial results, paying increasingly close attention to social and environmental responsibility.

  • Mission & Vision
  • Environmental Action
  • Social Responsibility
  • Promotion of Culture
  • Corporate Financial Information

Mission & Vision

Our mission

Our mission is to delight our guests with an exceptional experience in the unique historical Centre of our city by offering luxury accommodation with magnificent view, combining professional high quality service with a warm welcoming environment. All our well trained and dedicated staff’s efforts are for our guests to feel special and leave our premises with fulfilled expectations and unforgettable memories while always receiving value for money services. We are committed to constantly improve our product and our performance, inspiring feelings of unique Greek hospitality, while setting the example for others to follow.

Our vision

Being the first choice for visitors, colleagues and business partners.

Our principles

        • The effective corporate governance and ethical conduct in all aspects of management
        • The socially responsible operation
        • Equal opportunities for all.
        • The qualitative and excellent service as a gratitude to our customers for their trust.
        • The interest in economic, social and human development of the community.
        • The commitment to environmental protection

Our values

        • Responsibility
        • Business ethics
        • Human Rights
        • Consideration and caring for each employee
        • Qualitative hosting
        • Contribution to Society
        • Respect to the Environment
        • Promotion of Culture

Our goals

      • The development of a consistent relation of trust with employees, customers and every partner.
      • The continuous improvement of our services, adapting customer satisfaction to their changing needs.
      • The effectiveness through the implementation of specific procedures and good practices.


The socially responsible practices ensure satisfaction, health, safety, training, evaluation, equal treatment and active participation of our staff in CSR.


 Our socially responsible practices extend to the community and a wide range of stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, public authorities and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) representing local communities or are involved to environmental protection.

ISO 22000:2005

The Food Safety Management System standard ISO 22000:2005 incorporates HACCP and other preventive standards aiming to assure and certify the safety and health of the food we produce and distribute. By applying ISO 22000:2005, we ensure the reduction and elimination of food safety risks as a means to protect our consumer’s health. This certification is being ensured through a series of strict control procedures by the internationally distinguished certification agency Lloyd's, which furthermore, continuously improves our food safety processes and communication throughout the supply chain, increasing stakeholder confidence and providing transparency.


Candy Park - atenistas - Action for children!!!

We supported, by providing the paint and all the necessary materials, the reconstruction of a neglected playground at the Academy of Plato. There, with a lot of inspiration, artistry and passion, the atenistas transformed the neglected playground in Candy Park.

Pocket Park – atenistas – creating a small space of green in the city!!!

We supported by providing the small plants of green (150 pots) and by giving a helping hand during the maintenance works of the project  

Respect for the Environment

The NJVAthensPlaza recognizes the importance of contributing to environmental protection, promoting the principles of sustainability implements recycling and energy saving programs.

Since this effort is an ongoing journey, new technologies and new processes are reviewed and applied consistently in order to achieve positive results and reduce our footprint on the environment.

As part of this effort we raise awareness both employees and our guests, informing them of the benefits of the environment and promoting environmental sustainability.

In particular:

  • We recycle



-oil motors and engines

-metal aluminum, copper 

  • We use

-low consumption -lamps

-fan coil of water for air conditioning

-recycled Freon

-eco - friendly colors for painting

-cleaners with environmentally friendly ingredients

-enzymes for cleaning grease and impurities

-natural gas

-Inverter technology in any replacement of motor parts

-eco-friendly papers. Reduce of their use. The copiers and printers print on both sides to     save paper.

-our copiers and printers print on both sides to save paper.

  • We replace the elevator motors & parts with new that return 44% of the consumed energy
  • We reduce plastic use
  • We collect and recycle used cooking oil and grease waste residues in special containers and send to specialist waste handlers to create biodiesel.
  • We promote Greek Breakfast & offer Greek traditional products at every opportunity. (Sweets, mastic Chios, Greek coffee, etc.).
  • Hotel’s Free Press is printed by completely biodegradable and recyclable paper. 

Working hard towards a Carbon Neutral future

NJV Athens Plaza is among the pioneers of the Greek hospitality industry that gradually embed into their operating DNA, a Carbon Neutral philosophy. Strongly believing that the protection of the environment should concern each one of us, the NJV Athens Plaza never stopped looking for innovative ideas that would lead to a more ecological operation of the hotel. Towards this direction Carbon Neutral events highlight in the most prominent way the hotel’s focus on a truly eco-friendly model of operation. In May 2015, NJV Athens Plaza introduced Carbon Neutral Events, where each parameter is carefully calculated by a credible, highly specialized 3rd party and the carbon footprint of the event and its preparation procedures is actively counterbalanced with the purchase of Carbon Offsets. Since then, the promotion of Carbon Neutral Events has been a top priority for the management of the Hotel.

Clean Hands

Within our Hotel’s Environmental policy we are responsibly engaged with the recycling of soap in order to minimize the volume of soap waste into the environment but as well to contribute to the improving of health and hygiene conditions for the socially “sensitive” citizens.

Collection and recycling of glass packaging

The NJV AthensPlaza is actively involved in the collection and recycling program for glass packaging in cooperation with the Greek Development Company - Recycling SA

Global Sustain

Since 2006, Global Sustain has evolved in response to sustainability challenges, providing a wide range of services and solutions to support its members succeeding triple bottom line results. Based in Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Dubai, London, Melbourne, Sri Lanka and Athens, Global Sustain offers innovative online and off-line services related to sustainability, corporate responsibility, responsible investing, green economy, business ethics and excellence, transparency, human rights and accountability. Its members include corporations, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, municipalities and local authorities, academic institutions, media, professional bodies, service providers, chambers, think tanks and other public or private entities.

Rooms environmentally friendly 

• We have implemented the electronic lock system (key cards) in our rooms for automatic power off when Guests depart the room.

• We use the eco friendly linen washing programs, while highly concentrated cleaning products ensure a sustainable cleaning without solid and chemical wastes.

• We seek to involve our guests in the environmental activities of our hotel, suggesting to them, for example, to have their sheets and towels changed every 2 days instead of on a daily basis.

• We use biodegradable toilet paper.

Active Packaging Recycling

The NJV Athens Plaza hotel is actively involved in the Packaging Recovery Program in cooperation with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation

Respect in Our Human Resources

Satisfaction of the Human Resources ═ customer satisfaction


Investing in the human factor is primary, as we recognize that efficiency is strongly related with the success of the objectives of our hotel.


Thus, recognizing that our Human Resources consists the driver for growth and sustainability, we take care to operate, be trained and developed, in a safe and pleasant working environment:


Safety and health


  • Training on health and safety issues.
  • First Aid Education.
  • Healthcare Security.
  • Maternity (benefits for pregnancy and parental leave)


Continuing training


Opportunities for the skills development


The Employee of the Month

Every month we reward the effort of the consistent employees through our policy "Employee of the Month".


The role of each enterprise in society and its impact are the key to achieving long-term sustainability.

Social programs to which we are committed, including voluntary activities of employees, product and service donations and investment in education and skills acquisition.

The objective of the NJVAthensPlaza is the constant enrichment of social actions aimed at strengthening its role within the community and the continuance of its sustainable operation. 

Community Engagement

The NJV Athens Plaza has a strong sense of community engagement.

It has long since recognized that as a company its role in the community, in which it has a presence and an impact, is key for long term sustainability.

The company’s engagement programs ranging from employee volunteering, donations of various products and services to investment in education and skills training reflect its community character and communicate its social and environmental responsibility to its most important shareholders, its hotel guests and employees.

Taking care of the disabled ones

The NJVAthensPlaza truly supports the amazing Work of the NGO Hellenic Association of the Car Accidents’ Prevention for the under aged. Plastic bottle caps are collected on a voluntary daily basis by NJVAthensPlaza employees; the proceeds are used to fund the procurement of wheelchair for children in need.


"The Board of Directors of the HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OF PREVENTING MINORS VICTIMS OF ROAD ACCIDENT LOVE FOR LIFE '' thanks you warmly for the support to our work and for your immediate mobilization and sensitivity to social issues supporting by our association."

Friends Association for Children with Cancer

Our hotel offers desserts at the hostels of the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer, "ELPIDA"


BOROUME is a non-profit organisation that fights food waste by organizing the distribution of surplus food for charity throughout Greece. 

"Hotels have a significant role in our effort to reduce food waste in Greece increasing the supply of food that is leftover, to charitable organizations. Besides producing numerous portions for customer needs, often organize corporate and private events in which excess unfortunately much food. Our target is an increasing involvement of hotels in the chain of the BOROUME and the offer of this left over instead of throwing it in the garbage.

For this reason we are very happy because some hotels have taken the lead in this effort, by setting a good example to others.

Such a special case is the N.J.V Athens Plaza, which since 2012 cooks every week 50 extra portions to provide a nearby soup kitchen and besides, offers everything left over on a permanent basis.

We want to express a thank you from our heart, not only for the generous donations and for having set a good example to others to follow them, but mostly because any offer is made with love and sincere smiles from the hotel staff. "

NGO Boroume


On Holy Saturday (29.04.16), our hotel has offered 40 portions of lamb and potatoes at the House Galini.

Happy children for a better future

The NJV Athens Plaza, feeling great admiration for the important work of the Foundation "Make A Wish" actively participate in its initiatives with great enthusiasm.


The social action "TOGETHER WE CAN" aims to collect food for the support of our fellow human beings who are tested by the economic crisis, through soup kitchens of the "Mission" of the Archdiocese of Athens, the Metropolises of Greece and the Social groceries.

We take part in the initiative calls TOGETHER WE, bringing long-lasting food for people who need them and taking part in the Olympic Road organized with this aim.

Voluntary Blood Donation - Blood Bank

In collaboration with the Hospital "Metaxa", we organize at regular intervals, Blood Bank donations of our staff.

Group participation in Sports Competitions

We supported and took part as MDA runners in marathons / Half Marathon organized by the Athletics Federation annually.

Traces of Commerce

We supported “traces of Commerce” by providing the tables & chairs for their opening venue, where the old arcade came back to life.

Piraeus Fire Department

We offered used Hotel mattresses to Piraeus Fire Department

Promotion of Culture

• Promotion of the Athens landmarks

-Yearly Cultural package Offers, to visit archaeological sites and the AcropolisMuseum

• By promoting Greece & its beauties through our Seasonal Free Press issues

-       Museums in Athens

-       Theater performances

-       Exhibitions

• Periodic presentations of remarkable artworks by Greek Artists in our lobby.

• On the 29th of May 2012, NJVAthensPlaza was among the sponsors of the original opera titled "Opus Elgin: Destruction of the Parthenon", which was held at the Megaron Concert Hall and concentrated on the return of the Parthenon marbles to the Acropolis of Athens.


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