Respect Environment

The NJVAthensPlaza recognizes the importance of contributing to environmental protection, promoting the principles of sustainability implements recycling and energy saving programs.
Since this effort is an ongoing journey, new technologies and new processes are reviewed and applied consistently in order to achieve positive results and reduce our footprint on the environment.
As part of this effort we raise awareness both employees and our guests, informing them of the benefits of the environment and promoting environmental sustainability.
In particular:

  • We recycle

-oil motors and engines
-metal aluminum, copper 

  • We use

-low consumption -lamps
-fan coil of water for air conditioning
-recycled Freon
-eco - friendly colors for painting
-cleaners with environmentally friendly ingredients
-enzymes for cleaning grease and impurities
-natural gas
-Inverter technology in any replacement of motor parts
-eco-friendly papers. Reduce of their use. The copiers and printers print on both sides to     save paper.
-our copiers and printers print on both sides to save paper.

  • We replace the elevator motors & parts with new that return 44% of the consumed energy
  • We reduce plastic use
  • We collect and recycle used cooking oil and grease waste residues in special containers and send to specialist waste handlers to create biodiesel.
  • We promote Greek Breakfast & offer Greek traditional products at every opportunity. (Sweets, mastic Chios, Greek coffee, etc.).
  • Hotel’s Free Press is printed by completely biodegradable and recyclable paper. 
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