Ethos 2 NJV Athens Plaza

Our mission
Our mission is to delight our guests with an exceptional experience in the unique historical Centre of our city by offering luxury accommodation with magnificent view, combining professional high quality service with a warm welcoming environment. All our well trained and dedicated staff’s efforts are for our guests to feel special and leave our premises with fulfilled expectations and unforgettable memories while always receiving value for money services. We are committed to constantly improve our product and our performance, inspiring feelings of unique Greek hospitality, while setting the example for others to follow.

Our vision
Being the first choice for visitors, colleagues and business partners.

Our principles

  • The effective corporate governance and ethical conduct in all aspects of management
  • The socially responsible operation
  • Equal opportunities for all.
  • The qualitative and excellent service as a gratitude to our customers for their trust.
  • The interest in economic, social and human development of the community.
  • The commitment to environmental protection

Our Values

  • Responsibility
  • Business ethics
  • Human Rights
  • Consideration and caring for each employee
  • Qualitative hosting
  • Contribution to Society
  • Respect to the Environment
  • Promotion of Culture

Our Goals

  • The development of a consistent relation of trust with employees, customers and every partner.
  • The continuous improvement of our services, adapting customer satisfaction to their changing needs.
  • The effectiveness through the implementation of specific procedures and good practices.

The socially responsible practices ensure satisfaction, health, safety, training, evaluation, equal treatment and active participation of our staff in CSR.

 Our socially responsible practices extend to the community and a wide range of stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, public authorities and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) representing local communities or are involved to environmental protection.

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