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Hand Tree NJV Athens Plaza

For 2018, NJV Athens Plaza has been the most highly rated developed City Hotel in Athens related with sustainability. In order to support this statement, we conclude the followings:

  • A new Environmental Policy was created and set in place, putting in action all the necessary forces inside the Hotel towards the Sustainable Tourism Targets.
  • NJV Athens Plaza became member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the 1st Hotel in Europe, proving by this way the commitment in the Sustainable Tourism.
  • NJV Athens Plaza became the 1st Hotel in Greece that achieved the EARTHCHECK EVALUATE PLUS by EARTHCHECK.
  • Extensive Training of Hotel personnel in training on Hotel achievements, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Certifications, Group Targets, recycling, chemicals use, energy and water conservation, ethics, etc.
  • A Green Team was created, by top positions in the Hotel in order to define the Sustainability Strategy, the action planning and the evaluation of all these.
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