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Greek Logo NJV Athens Plaza

BOROUME is a non-profit organisation that fights food waste by organizing the distribution of surplus food for charity throughout Greece. 

"Hotels have a significant role in our effort to reduce food waste in Greece increasing the supply of food that is leftover, to charitable organizations. Besides producing numerous portions for customer needs, often organize corporate and private events in which excess unfortunately much food. Our target is an increasing involvement of hotels in the chain of the BOROUME and the offer of this left over instead of throwing it in the garbage.
For this reason we are very happy because some hotels have taken the lead in this effort, by setting a good example to others.

Such a special case is the N.J.V Athens Plaza, which since 2012 cooks every week 50 extra portions to provide a nearby soup kitchen and besides, offers everything left over on a permanent basis.

​We want to express a thank you from our heart, not only for the generous donations and for having set a good example to others to follow them, but mostly because any offer is made with love and sincere smiles from the hotel staff. "

NGO Boroume

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